Throughline coaching

About Throughline

Hi, I'm Mindy, an executive coach and former product leader

I moved from China to the U.S. when I was 4 years old. I experienced the ups and downs of first-generation immigrant life, trying to fit in while feeling like an outsider. Like many immigrant kids, I focused on academic achievement— to justify my parents' many sacrifices, and to find a semblance of belonging and worthiness.

Growing up, a few through lines have always been true:
(1) I love learning. I'm deeply curious, and I light up when acquiring a new skill or discovering something new about the world. As a kid, my nose was always buried in some book that wasn't required for class, much to the confusion of my classmates. (2) I am drawn to beauty. I have a unique gift for seeing the most beautiful aspects of a person, a story, or a situation. I have an eye for curating and articulating these moments so that others can experience them, too. (3) I am deeply perceptive about people and situations. I'm able to intuit how someone is feeling and why. I can see above the drama and complexity and distill the truth of what's happening.

I ignored these strengths for many years in pursuit of traditional success. I went to the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania: a gathering place for type A high achievers. I built my career in product leadership at Microsoft, Dropbox, and most recently as Head of Growth Product at Oscar Health.

It wasn't until the pandemic that I started questioning my path. Quarantine created an uncomfortable stillness, which then forced some big decisions about life and work. I reflected and realized that my favorite part of every leadership role (and the part that I was consistently strongest at) was developing people and bringing out their best abilities. I started my coaching practice to make this my full time job.

It's my privilege to coach leaders through crucial changes. As a coach, I'm trained in Organization and Relationship Systems (ORSC), NLP, and Non-Violent Communication. I've taught product management and leadership at On Deck, Reforge, Soho House, NY Product Conference, Women in Product, The Grand, and First Round Capital and at companies like Notion and Oscar Health.

Outside of work, I’m a lifelong student who’s always absorbed in intensively learning a skill— whether it’s hip hop dance, speaking French, or experience design. Talk to me about: building a house from scratch during the pandemic, off-the-beaten-path NYC recommendations, the art and science of learning something new quickly.

Why "throughline?"

A through line is a connecting element or theme that runs through a story. A well-crafted through line is simple, elegant, and insightful. It has stakes and reveals deeper truths.

In our coaching journey, we will explore your story, aspirations, challenges, and motivations. With this clarity, we shape a path forward— so you can close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

What's the meaning of the arch?

In 2019, I saw a work of art by Lee Ufan on the Japanese island of Naoshima: a large metal arch held by two boulders on either side. A walkway stretched from one side of the arch to the other.

Change is both complex and simple. It calls upon our courage to see the path in front of us and venture through the arch. As Anaïs Nin said: "Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage."